The Big Masquerade

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T H E   B I G   M A S Q U E R A D E  :

Jaja… Napoleon, der Papst, Reagan und Gorbatschow, Einstein und Oppenheimer, Rambo und Jesus… sie alle sind an der grossen Welt-Party… ...und ich bin damals als Clown verkleidet gekommen, habe mich deplaziert gefühlt und bin wieder geflüchtet… (frühes Beispiel meines Hangs zur Weltenflucht… ;) …)

actually you would say GREAT masquerade, i think... but that's ok... i'm no native... ;)


The BIG Masquerade

napoleon straitens his uniform
he's getting ready to go
he looks in the mirror, smiling with self-confidence
he's looking forward to the show

there's a big, big masquerade going on in town tonight
where everybody's happy and smiles are all so bright
some dressed up as robbers and some as saints
lots of famous people there, leading the games

i saw an actor acting president
and a grave-digger as a doctor
mr. gorbatschow is tasting wild west cigarettes
a splendid time is guaranteed for all!

but, there are too many children crying - blame it on the pope
while the others laugh and sing and shout - the priest is taking dope

the false einstein is not feeling fine
still trying in despair to open a bottle of wine
but smart oppenheimer comes up just right
invents the cork-screw and saves the night

they praise progress and don't see the mess that one day will all bring us down
they praise the holy titanic just before, before we drown

big masquerade, big masquerade - big, big fun
rambo's there and he is holding a gun
but jesus is contemplating his plastic thorn crown
he gets the feeling that they wanna let him down

and the priest, he takes a nervous glance at the clock above the altar
then he continues tellin' lies about our civilized culture

and as the mighty ones grow mightier
the masquerade gets out of control
there are quarrels, struggles and fights in here
who's the strongest of 'em all?
well, who's the strongest of 'em all?
well, who's the strongest of 'em all?

and now i'm standing in the noisy crowd
and i don't really know what's it all about
you know, i went to the party disguised as a clown
but i soon realized, they're going to let me down

some are laughing, some are crying
some are born and some are dying
so, head over heels, i run 'cause it feels
as if i'm in the wrong place here...

words and music: © T-ACHE 1990