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C O L D  :

well, that was some real experimental shit. i still like it. it's only an Am-Em-chord-change but the wah-wah-guitar and the synth-sounds are great.
the base was built upon a drum-pattern i programmed on the Roland R8 Drum Machine. it's just one pattern. the other drums are tapped live while recording. very unprecise, you can hear it. the synths are also played live as are the rest of the instruments.
there were some experiments going on including changin' the tape-speed while singing (2:50). and on one occasion i realized that there was something backwards from some track i recorded another time on the other side of the tape. i liked it and left it there (1:50) as i find randomness quite inspiring.

done on my fostex 4-track-tape with very little overdubbing.


Cold is instrumental except for the line "i feel so cold"

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