hello world

this site is dedicated to the art of T-ACHE, a musician from zurich, switzerland. he's been active since the late 80ies.
here you can listen to everything he once created, finished and released. plus you can read his complete lyrics - all for free.
possible future releases will also be available through this site.

if you're listening or reading in the album-section, you can use the easy next > -button, top right, to go to the next song or the next item of the cycle you're in.
also don't miss the convenient > -button at the bottom of the page, which leads normally to the same place as the top one. (so you don't have to scroll the page all the way up).
there's one exception: in the Ricard track-section you have the track-cycle : top right > - - - and the story-cycle : bottom left >

unfortunately Soundcloud started to pursue quite an agressive advertising-policy. They want to lure you onto their page. But if you just click  Listen in browser  or  Im Browser anhören  you should be ok.
we strongly suggest that you play PLAYLISTS and look around in a new window or tab without sound (though in most cases that will happen automaticly) in order to have an uninterrupted listening experience.
this is why so many links on this website open in a new window. don't worry, you can close them later! :)


hello you

welcome dear visitor! we are the admin-team, here at the headquarters of the worldwide T-ACHE-fan-club, zurich, switzerland.

at the beginning of 2014 we were lucky enough to have had the rare chance to talk to T-ACHE - the man himself... so we chatted a little and in the process, we've recorded a few hours of interview and we show you bits and pieces of it with every song.

normally T-ACHE's personal thoughts are displayed like this:

oh... öh...
ey helloou

ey people!
yes, it's me....!!!

i'm T-ACHE!
i'm the man himself!


a warm welcome to all of you out there.... wherever that may be!

may peace live among us - while we're roaming free...


please feel . uh . free to look around and listen to these psychogramms put in miüüsick.... :;:)

..... (waveeeeeeee)

we even could persuade T-ACHE to write us some texts for our making-of-sections..! great opportunitiy to show you some insights by the man himself! :)




enjoy & greetings,
your chief-admin üzgül c. palunder,
head of the worldwide T-ACHE-fan-club,
zurich, switzerland


contact us at:










this site tries to be fully responsible, so you can look it up on any device. it's optimized for samsung portrait-view though and some texts will possibly cross each other. ;)
the handheld view has it's own charm and many a page looks better. especially the god on the ladder song-pages.

this site is always under heavy construction. probably finished by the end of ... 2015 ... 2020 ...